Captain America and Bucky Barnes

captain america bucky

Captain America and Bucky Barnes are both fictional characters in the Marvel Comics universe. Bucky is an American super hero and a sidekick to Captain America. He was created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon and first appeared in Captain America Comics #1. Today, Bucky is considered to be one of the most popular heroes of all time.

After the end of the Civil War, Captain America went on a hiatus and had a renaissance of sorts in the early 2000s. Marvel had been in a state of bankruptcy since the mid-’90s comics industry crash, and management experimented with different ways of telling stories. They also recruited new writers with little experience writing superhero comics. During this time, they recruited Ed Brubaker to relaunch the Captain America monthly series. He brought with him the idea of bringing back Bucky.

Captain America and Bucky have been friends for a century, and Steve’s greatest fear is losing him. Steve needs someone who will take care of him, and Bucky can handle the shield. But Bucky’s past trauma is affecting him, and he isn’t interested in saving the world. Instead, he’s busy trying to prove to Steve that he’s right.

Bucky is Steve Rogers’ childhood friend. He was captured during a Super Soldier experiment, but he survived. Later, he was captured by HYDRA, but was rescued by the rogue government organization HYDRA. In this way, he became a super hero and the sidekick of Captain America.