Can Captain America Lift the Mjolnir?

captain america lifts mjolnir

We’ve seen Captain America pick up the Mjolnir, but is it really that big of a deal? In fact, it is the first time a non-Thor character has ever done so. Previously, it was Beta Ray Bill. Now, the real question is, “Can Captain America lift the Mjolnir?” After all, it’s made of uru metal, which makes it so heavy.

While Thor’s hammer is meant for the pure of heart, Steve Rogers has proven that he’s worthy. He was never in it for personal glory, but instead, he always fought for the underdog. And as a result, he’s earned the right to lift the legendary hammer.

One of the most exciting scenes in Avengers: Endgame was the moment Cap raised the Mjolnir. It was the moment fans had been waiting for since Age of Ultron. He had also shown off his superior strength as he rescued Peggy from a grenade bomb, which was intended to kill Stark’s daughter. In the film, Cap’s stoicism and wisdom proved that he was the smartest of all the Avengers.

This moment is one of the most iconic in Marvel movies. It was eight years in the making. The hammer is so heavy that it’s impossible for anyone else to lift it. Despite being capable of lifting the hammer, Captain America didn’t want to spoil Thor’s parade. Thankfully, he used it to save Thor and defeat Thanos. The final fight between Thanos and Cap is reminiscent of a comic book fight.