The Elevator Scene in Captain America

captain america elevator scene

When Captain America was being attacked in the elevator scene, he wasn’t the only one who was terrified. Other agents, including Jack Rollins and Rumlow, were also stunned, but Rogers was able to knock them out. In addition, he successfully threw Rumlow into the ceiling while he was in the elevator, which prevented him from being shot. Later on in the film, an armed tactical unit arrived and pointed guns at the film’s main villain, but it was Rogers who cushioned his fall with his shield.

The elevator scene is a key moment in Captain America, as it marks the turning point in Steve Rogers’ character as an independent, anti-authoritarian hero. This is when the people who give him orders attempt to stab him in the back. This scene has plenty of tension, and Wonder Woman did a good job of making it feel funny while still creating a sense of intensity for those in the elevator.

The elevator scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of the most iconic moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chris Evans and company worked hard to make this scene a reality. Watching Chris Evans’ rehearsals for the scene is an incredible look into the process and the dedication that went into the movie.