Captain America: Hail Hydra!

Fans of Marvel Comics may recall the famous elevator fight between Captain America and Hydra. While it was a great fight, Marvel Comics insisted that this new Hydra was not Nazi-affiliated. That said, the ending of the first Captain America movie left many fans disappointed. In the sequel, the villains of the Hydra army are back, and this time they know how to trick America. As a result, Captain America is in for quite a ride.

In Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, art by Jesus Saiz and Joe Caramagna, Steve Rogers utters the infamous phrase, “Hail Hydra!” As a result, many fans were astonished and confused. Some fans even sent death threats to the writer! The ending was controversial and fans were not satisfied. They reacted by writing hate mail and sending death threats. However, the Marvel Comics team worked to improve this issue, and this new Captain America movie is a must-read for any Marvel fan!

As Captain America, the movie’s title says “Hail Hydra!” The word ‘Hail Hydra’ is actually a codename for “Hydra”. It’s a slang term used by Marvel Comics to refer to the organization that has been hiding in SHIELD for centuries. As the secret cell of Hydra is embedded inside SHIELD, it’s quite easy to understand why Captain America whispered “Hail Hydra” when he took the scepter.