Captain America – Who is Steve Rogers?

captain america real name

Who is Captain America? We know the comic version of the character, but what is his real name? The real name of Captain America is Steve Rogers. The super hero, who has been a mainstay of Marvel Comics for over 50 years, was actually born scrawny in Manhattan. He decides to join the army when he hears about the destruction Nazi forces were causing. He is rejected because of his frailty build, but captures the attention of General Chester Phillips. This gives him the opportunity to join Project: Rebirth, a super soldier experiment run by Professor Abraham Erskine.

Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America, is a legendary super soldier who is willing to fight for freedom. His strength comes from an experimental serum, and he carries an extremely strong shield. Unlike other superheroes, Steve Rogers has no fear of extreme cold or heat. His heightened diving reflex is one of his most significant powers. He also has the ability to rapidly eliminate fatigue poisons. Though he is still relatively young, Captain America has already reached the pinnacle of human combat prowess. He routinely trashes highly trained SpecOps troops. His tactician skills are also unmatched.

In the 1950s, Captain America was discovered by the Avengers when he froze in the Atlantic. Since then, he has become an integral part of the Marvel universe, and he has also appeared in movies, television, and novels. Even though he was originally named Steve Rogers, his real name is Samuel R. Evans. He is currently the most popular superhero in the world, but it was only recently that he received a real name.