Captain America Dorito

captain america dorito

You’ve heard of the Captain America Dorito, but what does it look like? Based on a comment on the internet by Chainsandcherries and an edited photo, it looks like a Dorito in the stars and stripes. While it might be impossible for the brand to release a Captain America Dorito with the Marvel copyrights and permissions, it’s not impossible to see the idea. Regardless of whether it’s a simple flavor or a fun novelty item, it could be an exciting new franchise for any snack lover.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has created a huge fan base. Fans have equated the actor playing Captain America with the character. For example, Robert Downey Jr. compared Mark Ruffalo to Bruce Banner, and Chris Evans has been compared to the villainous Bruce Banner in comics. Recently, Doritos chips promoting the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron film featured a photo of Chris Evans as Captain America on a blue “Cool Ranch” bag. A tweet by Evans himself declared that “I’m on a Dorito bag!”